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Hair Regrowth in Murray, UT

Hair — Dermatology in Murray, UT
Now, you can retain your hair NATURALLY! DermaTech specializes in hair loss prevention and replacement for both women and men using an exciting technique that is:
  • Non-Surgical,
  • Non-Chemical,
  • Non-Medical,
  • Safe & Effective, and
  • It Works!
We are proud to offer the revolutionary Laser Hair Therapy with the exclusive Low Level Light Therapy, a twelve-month treatment program that involves no drugs, surgery, or side-effects. This is the first cold laser in Utah that has been approved by the FDA and the only hair regrowth laser in Utah (as seen on TV) that works, and is here at DermaTech.

Laser Hair Therapy has been successful in Italy since 1972. It took three years of U.S. studies to receive FDA approval and now is also successfully used in the U.S
It works by regenerating both hair on the head, and collagen and elastisin in the dermis, equally for both men and women. Laser Hair Therapy helps:
  • Stop excessive hair loss
  • Thicken existing hair
  • Increase regrowth of hair with improved hair quality
  • Increase circulation in scalp blood flow, delivering oxygen and nutrients to the hair bulb
  • Help reverse the negative effects of chemicals
  • Makes hair look and feel softer and healthier
Hair Loss — Dermatology in Murray, UT
Hair Regrowth — Dermatology in Murray, UT
The twelve month treatment program includes thirty-minute sessions under the laser, the use of chemical- and sulfur-free products, a chlorin filter, and the best all-natural food supplements for hair.

The one-year program is available for $1800.00 and some financing is available for those who qualify.

To see if you are a candidate of Laser Hair Therapy contact us 801-266-8865 today. The scalp evaluation is free and takes about twenty minutes. Our professionals magnify your hair band size by over 280x, then they take a look under the first layer of skin to determine whether or not you can rejuvenate and own hair to confirm if the treatment will work for you.
CALL US TODAY: 801-266-8865