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Facials and Waxing in Murray, UT

Clinic Room — Dermatology in Murray, UT
DermaTech specializes in many forms of skin care using the purest products and highest grade of ingredients possible. We also have the finest, licensed, and Board Ceriified technicians on our staff.

The time allotment for all of the facials is 1 to 1 1/2 hours unless otherwise indicated. Though the products may vary with the different facials, the facial steps remain the same.
Each facial starts with a 3-step cleansing, which includes, a cleansing milk, a deep pore cleanse, and a light scrub. Secondly an exfoliation process with a facial muscle and lymph massage. The final step is a mask accompanied by an arm, shoulder, and foot massage. The mask is removed, the face unveiled, and moisturized. You will then be able to see and feel a softer, suppler, more radiant and hydrated skin.

So take some of those years away and come in for one or more of our excellent time tested facials today.
Cabinet with Products — Dermatology in Murray, UT

Facial Price Guide

Mini Facial
A one hour facial that excludes mask and lymph drainage


Mimosa Facial
Reconditions skin, detoxifies, and refines the pores


Avenger Facial
A mini face-lift that reveals softer more radiant moist skin


Avenger Plus
Adds EXTRA toning to the Avenger Facial


Acne Facial
Twenty-four hour preparation time required


Double Avenger
3 hours


(Add $25.00 for a manual cleanse to all facials except the Acne Facial)
(Add $15.00 for hot rocks treatment)

I Health Skin Care
1 - ½ hours


Additional Options

Manual Cleanse
*already included in Acne Facial


Hot Rocks Treatment


Waxing - Be free of hair for weeks and not have that stubble for those carefree days and fun, year-round vacations.

Waxing Price Guide

½ Leg / Arms
Full Leg
Bikini / Underarm
Brows / Upper Lip
Full Back
Back & ½ Arm
Full Face
Inner Nose
30 minutes
60 minutes
15 minutes
15 minutes
15 minutes
30 minutes
45 minutes
20 minutes


Body Treatments

Back Facial
Cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates for softer, smoother skin. Excellent!

Acne Back Facial

45 minutes

60 minutes



Age Spot Removal
Liquid nitrogen

$5.00 per spot
(with $15.00 minimum)

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